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Made from the leaves and stems of the Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd) plant, Cerasse is used throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean as a potent blood purifier. Apart from its ability to help cleanse toxins from the body, Cerasee is known to support healthy blood sugar and blood pressure. In addition, it may aid digestive issues, and fight parasites or worms.

Rich in Vitamins A, C, iron and phosphorous, Cerasee excels in detoxing the body. However, its many therapeutic benefits originate from its rich antioxidant and polyphenol content.

Rich in catechin (a flavonol), the same powerful antioxidant found in green tea, Cerasee has the ability to fight inflammation, lower Cholesterol and protect the heart. 

Cerasee's anti-microbial properties have long been used to kill worms and parasite in the body. In addition, it laxative effects also help to expel them. 

n the Caribbean, Cerasee is sometimes combined with other herbs to make a "bush" bath that is used to alleviate skin conditions like eczema, rash or ring worms (fungal infections) 

Wild Crafted Jamaican Cerasee

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