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What are the benefits of sea moss for children?

Sea moss contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals that can help a child to grow and develop. Sea moss also contains calcium, which can keep a child’s bones stronger and teeth healthy. Sea moss iron content helps to transport oxygen around the body and give children a good source of energy. Sea moss can dilute and cleanse their blood. Our Vital Kids Jelly is blended with 100% Organic fresh fruits to provide all the benefits of fruits and Seamoss for your child.

Run your planned dosages past your doctor to make sure that they’re safe for your children.


The FDA Recommended Dose for Children:

Between one to eight years old have an RDA of 90 micrograms (1 tablespoon is  approx 147 Micrograms)

Children between 9 and 13 can have an RDA of 120 micrograms.

Teens between 14 and 18 have an RDA of 150 micrograms. Over 18 can have the adult dose of 2 tablespoons per day, they can have that even twice a day.


SeaMoss for Babies:

 we recommend introducing sea moss after the baby is six months old. This is because your baby can now have solid foods, which most forms of Irish sea moss are. You can also smash and add sea moss into other food so that it poses no threat of choking to your child but even then, wait six months beforehand.

We recommend 1 teaspoon of seamoss Jelly daily, you can use your discretion as you know the physical condtion of your child.

How to use, you can choose either of these options.

1.Blend with fresh fruits and small amount of water to make a smoothie,

2.Give 1 Teaspoon of  flavored Jelly to your child to eat. 

3.Buy popsicle sticks and freeze the Jelly into ice cubes with the Popsicle in the middle.

Vital Kids Sea Moss Jelly

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