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Damiana is famed for its aphrodisiac qualities, it is a  widely sought-after supplement  because it enables a higher libido, increased fertility, helps with low sperm count, prostate issues and improvement in overall sexual health.

This plant has a number of other potential uses.

The herb is commonly used for stress relief, stomach ulcers, menstrual symptoms and urinary tract infections, and menopausal conditions to name a few. This herb has also been used to treat mild depression, anxiety, and stress.

Damiana is also used as a general health tonic and a digestive aid; it is believed to be a mild laxative with the ability to treat constipation.

This is also used in our Female and Male support capsules and our VITALized Female and Male support Sea Moss Jellys. 

You can also get this from our online store as i herb form.

Damiana (Ram Goat) CAPSULES

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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