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A potent and effective blend of 7 Wildcrafted Jamaican Herbs! Cerasee, Chew Stick, Cascara Sagrada, Bitter Bark, Neem, Blue Vervain and Duck Flower. All of these combined will get all the mucus and waste out of your system!!

Cerasee - support healthy blood sugar and blood pressure. In addition, it may aid digestive issues, and fight parasites or worms. Blood Purifier.

Chew Stick - supports mouth, breath, gum  and teeth health.

Bitter Bark - Contain the bitterest naturally occurring chemical known to exist. Eliminate parasites and worms. Help with urinary issues. 

Neem - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, antimicrobial. Neem leaves have antibacterial properties which helpswith infections, burns and any other kind of skin problems. It destroys the bacteria thatcauses infections, stimulates the immune system and encourages rapid healing.

Duck Flower - immune system-stimulation,detoxifying effects, antibacterial properties, anti-fungal and antiviral benefits. Very potent to eliminate waste from the colon. 


7 Herb DETOX Capsules

SKU: 30 Day Supply
$65.00 Regular Price
$42.25Sale Price
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