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  • Chaney Root, a common ingredient in aphrodisiac blends is a highly prized yield from the

    limestone woodlands in Jamaica. It is a well know aphrodisiac herb that is very high in

    iron and other minerals. Its blood cleansing, tonic, and nourishing properties should

    never be overlooked. It is a good remedy for both men and women with low sex drives. The

    root is generally boiled and drank as tea.

  • Research has shown Chaney Root to;

    * Very high in iron

    * Help cleansing and strengthening the blood

    * Aid in those suffering from anemia

    * Boost sex drive

    * Increase stamina

    * Help relieve back pain and arthritis

    * Help neutralize acids

    * Protect against cancer, and venereal disease

    * Aid in treating skin rashes

    * Help stop internal hemorrhaging in women.


    Internal Uses:

    Herbal Tea/Tonic/Decoction- Directions: Add 14 grams of Chaney root to 950ml of water.

    Allow to soak in cold water overnight. After, bring slowly to boil and allow it to gently

    simmer for 30-60 minutes. Strain, add sweetener and enjoy.

    External Uses:

  • Decoction- Directions: Apply to skin as a bath to relieve skin problems

Chaney Root CAPSULES

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