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    "Herb category": Expulsion of wastes from the body

    Main Minerals- Calcium, Magnese, Vitamin E + C


    Compounds: Alkaloids, dopamine, flavonoids, triterpenes, saponins



    Blue Vervain referred to as Vervain in Jamaica; is a shrub native to the Caribbean, is

    commonly found in moist conditions such as moist meadows, thickets, pastures, marshes and

    riversides. It is an erect, branched and woody perennial that grows 1-3 feet in height

    and generally broader than it is tall. This plant is a nervine, an herbal tonic that can

    be taken over a period of time to nourish the nervous system. It Is classed amongst the

    most sacred of all herbs.



    Research has shown Blue Vervain to;
  • * Have anti-inflammatory properties

    * Aids with insomnia

    * Help relieve stress

    * Support gum health

    * Help the nervous system

    * Antidiarrheal activities

    * Aid in treatment of Kidney Stones

    * Help treat urinary tract infections

    * Help with digestive dysfunction

    * Treat infectious diseases



    Internal Uses:

    Herbal Tea/Tonic/Decoction- Directions: Steep 1 tablespoon in two cups of boiling water

    for 15 minutes. Consume 4-6 tablespoons daily

    Infusion- Directions: Tincture, add one full squeeze of the dropper to 2oz of water; 2-3

    times daily

  • External Uses:

    Poultice- Directions: Can be made into a tea and applied externally to cuts, sores,



Wild Crafted Blue Vervain

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