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The Vital Vegan Inc "Female Support" contains the following herbs:


  • Dog Blood Herb (Rivina humilis - Helps with the  cleaning of block tubes, infertility, or any womb related problem.
  • Hydrangea Root- anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, dissolves calcium deposits in soft tissue.
  • Ram Goat National (Damiana)- Balances hormones and shrinks fibroids.
  • Blue Vervain - Treats irregular menstruation, cramping, and menopause symptoms as it regulates hormones. Helps nervous disorders such as chronic anxiety and insomnia.
  • Puron Bark - The puron bark is referred to on the island as a ‘roots’ that is used widely in tonics in an effort to strengthen and support the entire body. It also increases the libido and sexual desires.


This combination of herbs was formulated to nourish the female endocrine system and support estrogen balance. They also aid in rebuilding beneficial flora in the vagina.


It is recommended to drink 1 gallon of water daily while taking any herbal compounds by Vital Vegan Inc. The formulas aid in the elimination of toxin and pathogens out of the body which requires plenty of water!

Female Support CAPSULES

SKU: Female Support 30 Day
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