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  • "Herb category “What we believe at Vital Vegan INC through research is the best fitting

    category for what each herb impacts the most"



    "Herb category": Nourishing the Body

    Main Minerals- Potassium, Manganese, Potassium, iron, zinc

    Compounds: Citral, Terpenes, Aldehydes



    Lemon grass is a culinary and medicinal herb known as a tropical plant native to tropical

    Asia mostly southern part of India and Sri Lanka. In Jamaica it is called fever grass,

    because it has been used to treat fevers and other ailments for hundreds of years. Fever

    grass is low in calories and has no cholesterol making it beneficial flavoring for

    cooking and teas. Fever grass can also be applied directly to the skin as an essential

    oil for headaches, abdominal pain and muscle pain.



    Research has shown Fever grass to;

    * Relieve anxiety

    * Lower cholesterol

    * May raise red blood cell levels

    * Reduce fevers

    * Helps the nervous system

    * Relieve inflammatory

    * Prevent infections

    * Boost oral health

    * Relieve bloating

    * Can be used as insect repellent



    Internal Uses:

    Herbal Tea/Tonic/Decoction- Directions: Bring water to a rolling boil and place the fever

    grass in the pot. Turn off the flame, cover tightly, and allow to stand 15-20 minutes.

    Strain and enjoy

  • Oil- Directions: Fill a small glass container that has a secure cover with dried fever

    grass. Cover the fever grass with oil. Cover the container and shake it occasionally for

    the next seven days. Strain the oil out from the grass and store in a dark tightly closed

    container. Add 3-6 drops in one cup of water. Shake vigorously and enjoy.

    External Uses:

    Rub - Directions: Apply oil locally to ease pain and relief inflammation


Crafted Jamaican Fevergrass

SKU: Fevergrass 56 Grams
    • Place bag of Wildcrafted Fevergrass in a large pot and add a gallon of water.
    • Bring water to a boil.
    • Once water is boiling cover for 5 minutes then turn off the flame
    • Let steep for 15-20 minutes
    •  Strain tea and add sweetener if desired.
    • You can store the remainder in the fridge to have cold or reheat it for a hot cup of tea throughout the week.

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