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Guinea hen weed is found in other places (called Anamu) but the Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed is described as being 40% more potent than other samples of the plant taken from elsewhere.
The DTS in Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed has found to be effective in anti-cancer therapies (including brain, prostate and small cell lung cancer).  Helps to kill cancer cells.

PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT USE, as it could cause spontaneous miscarriage.

It is a natural blood thinner so do not take if you are on Coumadin or other blood thinner.

  • It is helpful against acid reflux and gastroenteritis when steeped and consumed
  • Topically it can treat insect bites and rashes
  • Treats inflammation
  • Combats malaria
  • Enhances memory 
  • Great for menstrual issue
  • Treats yeast infection

Guinea Hen Weed Bush

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