One of the best ways to cleanse and replenish the body, is by engaging in and completing a full body detox. This will optimize the benefits of any herbs that you deem important to your overall well being. Our full body detox has been perfected over the years using majority wildcrafted herbs from Jamaica that was been harvested in the blue moutains by the hands of our Vital Vegan team .These compounds were formulated with some of the best herbs we can find.We harvest 3 days before or 3 days after the full moon to get maximum benefits in each plant. These compounds will aid the body with all the necessary minerals. The compilation of these herbs will revitalize the organs, while simultaneously detoxing and removing foreign matter, toxiemas, pathogens and waste from the human structure.Included will be detailed and step by step instructions on how and when to take each compound. There will also be a grocery list, along with other valuable and researched information. This will all be included in your Vital Vegan 15 Day Challenge package. Along with the Mineral Pack, Colon Cleanse, and Iron Support. Each body type is different, so are your health condition and goals, the level of toxicity, age, weight and if you are on medication. There are many factors that cause blockage in the gut, which inhibits the absorption of important benefits from herbs and a clean diet, even exercise. Upon completion , in most cases, it is reasonable to conclude that you may lose anywhere from 5-20lbs. Understand that these results may vary. You will have discovered a sense of well-being, in mind, body and spirit. A daily routine of consuming our wild crafted herbs, eating healthy, and being active will make a world of difference in your life. We can attest to it from the testimonials we have received from our supporters."One can now begin to journey into thy self for true perfection. thoughts will be unclouded. The radiant light from within can now illuminate" - Vital Mikal

Full Body Detox - 3 Part

SKU: 3 Part Full body Detox
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