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Once used by the Babylonians (3500 B.C.), Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, the chewing stick of old was simply a small wood "toothbrush" used in our predecessors' daily oral hygiene. 


Cleanse your teeth the natural way with Jamaican Chewstick Tooth Powder. This complete oral care product is made of ground Jamaican Chew Stick (Gouania lupuloides). 


Kills bacteria that causes gum-disease.
· Fights plaque effectively.
· Fights against cavities.
· Removes bad breath and odors from the mouth.
· Creates a pleasant fragrance in the mouth.
· Increases salivation, thereby inhibiting dry mouth (Xerostomia).

For Oral hygiene:

Place powder on your toothbrush and use instead of toothpaste, brush and rinse.

Mix half teaspoon in water and wash the mouth, let water stay inside the mouth for approx.. one minute, the water can also be used as mouthwash to gargle the throat.



Chew Stick Powder

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