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Our Story

We are a family based company who believes in holistic healing and an alkaline lifestyle. During our journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we were enlightened to the alkaline community by discovering Dr Sebi. Through that we have researched and formulated our own supplements and drinks. We later began to harvest our own herbs and sea moss straight from the pristine coastlines of Jamaica.

We have grown our own produce in our indoor and outdoor gardens. Some of the herbs that are most beneficial to us are not in our area so we began to research where to find them. We went to Jamaica and received a Phytosanitary Certificate. Our wild crafted herbs have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica.

We are a company committed to providing you with the best alkaline herbs.  We harvest our herbs from the wild, naturally growing with no nutrients or pesticides. Sustainability is important to us so we allow mother nature to replenish before we decide to harvest again.


Our goal is to put out a product in its most pure and natural form that will assimilate with the body. Everything we produce is made and handled with love and care.​


The intention of Vital Vegan is to assist you on your journey to a better self by providing wild crafted, organic goods and compounds that will help you achieve your goals. We are not medical doctors or physicians, and do not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. We advise that you seek the advice and guidance of your physician before using any of our products and herbs in general. 

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