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Vital Vegan Herbal Shop

We are a family based company who believes in holistic healing and an alkaline lifestyle. We harvest our herbs ourselves in the mountains of Jamaica. We dive in the ocean and  harvest Sea Moss with a team of our divers and send it right to your door step!!

Vital Frequency Retreat

We have built a beautiful Plant based resort/retreat in the island coast of Jamaica where you will get amazing alkaline plant based meals, herbal tonics and amazing fruits of the season .

Imagine waking up in a luxurious modern room, walking out and seeing the pristine beach, the beautiful ocean and the mountains at the same time.  You will experience the natural beauty and culture of Jamaica. Its an extraordinarily interactive retreat with all of our staff, from excursions to hidden beaches and waterfalls to hikes, boat rides, cooking classes, herbal classes, guided mushroom  trips and much more.  Start your healing journey now by booking a trip!

Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss
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Full Body Detox
Wild Crafted Herbs
Herbal Capsules
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Sea Moss Jelly

Wild Crafted Herbs

We are a family based company who believes in holistic healing and an alkaline lifestyle. During our journey to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we were enlightened to the alkaline community by discovering Dr Sebi. Through that we have researched and formulated our own supplements and drinks. We later began to harvest our own herbs and sea moss straight from the pristine coastlines of Jamaica.


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