The Vital Vegan Inc "Bio Duo Cellular Recovery" was created by combining our Wild Crafted Jamaican Sea Moss, harvested from the coast of the Caribbean Sea and our Wild Crafted Sour Sop Bark, extracted from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  

Minerals are absorbed throughout the roots of the sour sop tree for over 25 years, while minerals are absorbed through the Irish sea moss from coral rocks. This formula will replenish your body with over 90% of the minerals your body is composed of, while detoxifying the blood and body. The BDCR will aid in the regeneration and restoration of cells. Cells will be cleansed on an intracellular level.


It is recommended to drink 1 gallon of water daily while taking any herbal compounds by Vital Vegan Inc. The formulas aid in the elimination of toxin and pathogens out of the body which requires plenty of water!

Bio Duo Cellular Recovery

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