What to expect while detoxing and taking supplements

While taking supplements your body is eliminating toxins and pathogens. This requires plenty of water so we recommend drinking at least one gallon of water

While your body is detoxing you can feel symptoms like:

  • Fatigue- your body is releasing toxins which is then pushed into your blood stream. Your body is working over time so rest if needed.

  • Elimination of waste- you may find that you are using the bathroom more often, this is normal. Your body is working and relaxing the built up waste in your bowels

  • Loss of appetite- your body is eliminating parasites that may have been causing you to eat more or have cravings. Appetite loss is a sign that you are healing and on the right path!

  • Frequent Urination- your body is cleansing and if the right amount of water is consumed you will be using the bathroom more often